Quality Craftsmanship

Created by nature...

No two trees are alike. Whenever high quality solid woods and veneers are used in making fine furniture, variations in grain and colour are only natural, giving your piece of furniture its own unique character.

Wood is a living material...

Wood has the capacity to adapt to extreme temperature and humidity levels. It’s only natural that in a very dry environment, wood loses moisture and contracts. The ends of your table may separate slightly, but this will not affect its stability. And when humidity levels return to normal, your table will resume its original appearance. You can recreate the most natural environment for your fine furniture by maintaining a humidity level of 30 to 40 per cent, and a temperature of 65 to 78 degrees F. Avoid placing your furniture either on or too near heating or air conditioning vents. The natural grace of wood is enhanced by a beautiful finish. But ultraviolet rays may fade, darken or create hairline cracks in the finish, so avoid extended exposure to sunlight.

With a little care...

... your furniture can have a long life. A few simple precautions will ensure it becomes a family heirloom. Keep extra table leaves in the same environment as your table. Store them flat, perhaps under a bed or sofa. Preventing damage from excessive heat is quite simple — if it’s too hot to the touch, don’t place it directly on your wood surface. Use a hot-plate holder. And although you want to protect it from moisture, like any living thing, wood must breathe. Avoid using plastic tablecloths and placemats for extended periods of time. Condensation under the plastic could damage your finish. If you have a spill, simply wipe it up.

You can preserve the glow...

Quality wood furniture is very easy to clean. All you need is a little warm water and dish soap on a soft cloth. No commercial cleaning products, ammonias or waxes should be used. Wipe in the direction of the grain, give a quick buff with a soft, dry cloth and you're done! To enhance your finish, polish occasionally with a non-silicone furniture polish or oil. Do not use wax or silicone-based spray polishes — in time they build up, and may create white rings or blushing on the finish. Remember, no finish can be harder than the surface it covers; even metal and glass can be scratched. Treat your fine wood furniture with the respect it deserves, and its beauty will be yours to enjoy.

...it's only natural.

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