We’re an established Edmonton furniture store that sells modern Canadian-made furniture ... but our name has changed! After more than two decades as Royal Oak Home Furnishings we are now the UpperWoods Furniture Company.

Why change? Well, because we wanted a name that better reflects our solid-wood contemporary furniture product lines. Over the years, many clients have told us that they only came into our store after realizing — by reading an ad or by someone telling them — that we carry much more than traditional oak furniture. In fact, we carry styles that range from ultra-modern through urban casual all the way to rustic country.

We chose UpperWoods because we like having “woods” as part of our name. Using the plural instead of singular conveys that we carry an array of woods — maple, birch, oak, cherry and pine, as well as exotics. The word “upper” also connects us to our Canadian roots and our Canadian product lines, which include Bermex, Buhler,Verbois and Dine-Art. Upper Canada, now southern Ontario, was first established as a British colony in 1763. In later years, it became known as “Canada West.” OK, we’re a lot further west, but the sentiment is the same: we’re Canadian, and proud of it.

Has anything else changed? No. Same fine Canadian-wood craftsmanship. Same excellent value. Same nice people. UpperWoods. That’s who we are.

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